Resources for Anti-Police Action

After last night’s spirited march against police violence and in solidarity with the rebellion in Ferguson, we felt it might be useful to share some resources with people in Tucson. We hope folks can use these to continue building momentum for ongoing struggle against the police here in Tucson.

More resources geared toward alternatives to policing and incarceration are being compiled now, so keep an eye out for those. Also, this list will be updated regularly, so feel free to contact us with suggestions for more content. It’s also worth noting that there’s an outrageous English-language bias in these materials – if anyone can help with translation, we will do layout for versions in other languages.

We can get free hard copies of zines and posters (including in larger quantities) to people in the Tucson area. Send us an email at

Something is happening, let’s not drop the ball.


What Is Security Culture?

Blocs, Black and Otherwise

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back

Banner Drops, Stencils, Wheatpaste & Distributing Information

How to Do It (poster)

Let One Hundred Flowerpots Bloom

10 Points on the Black Bloc

This zine is a rough transcript of Harsha Walia’s defense of black bloc tactics during a debate following actions against the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Video of her half of the debate can be seen here.

Ferguson and Other Recent Anti-Police Struggles

Dispatches from Ferguson, Vol. 1

What They Mean When They Say Peace & The Making of Outside Agitators

Unforgiving and Inconsolable (Durham, 2013 – 2014)

The Flatbush Rebellion (New York, 2013)

Don’t Die Wondering: Atlanta Against the Police (2011 – 2012)

Denver Fights Back (2010 – 2011)

Burning the Bridges They Are Building: Anarchist Strategies Against the Police (Seattle, 2011)

Unfinished Acts (Oakland, 2009)

Historical Moments in Policing, Violence, and Resistance Series

The zines below are borrowed from There, you can also find tons more resources on policing, incarceration, and alternatives.

The Police Execution of Oscar Grant
by Olivia Perlow and Lakeesha J. Harris

Chicago’s Red Summer of 1919
by Elizabeth Dadabo

An (Abridged) History of Resisting Police Violence in Harlem                                             by Mariame Kaba

“We Don’t Want this to Look Like a Massacre”: The Danziger Bridge Shootings
by Mariame Kaba

Other Related and Reccomended Reading

Against Innocence: Race, Gender, and the Politics of Safety

Anarchy Works: Crime

Why Riot?


You Only Live Once

Too Many Cops, Too Little Justice


The Police

Seven Myths About the Police

FTP, Find Each Other, Fight Back



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