Sunday, November 30th: Assembly Towards a Tucson Without Police

Assembly Towards a Tucson Without Police

Outside the Downtown Library, Stone & Pennington

Sunday, November 30th, 3:00PM

Given the momentum nationally and here in Tucson against police violence, some of us are excited about the idea of an assembly to discuss resistance to the police. To get that rolling, Tucson Anarchist Black Cross would like to call for an assembly this Sunday, hopefully one of many.

Tucson ABC is a prisoner support group with long-term goals that include the total abolition of prisons, borders, and police. Towards that end we want to get together with others to develop and learn about alternatives to policing and incarceration, while finding ways to immediately resist police violence and police presence in our lives. We see the current context as a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with a broader range of people to do this.

That said, we do NOT want to control or manage this assembly, or to recruit anyone to our group or any other single organization. We hope to create space for as many people as possible to come together and find affinity. While we’ll be prepared to loosely facilitate this assembly, we’re in the process of inviting more people to work on this and we encourage those with the experience OR desire to help make this assembly function to contact us and talk about it.

We imagine a space where we can find each other, discuss alternatives to police and prisons, plan street actions, and more – the space will be what the participants make it. This model is largely influenced by the experiences of friends and accomplices in other places that have seen rebellions against the police. For some resources regarding past rebellions and more, see our recent compilation of zines, posters and texts at

Please share this event widely, contact us to collaborate, invite friends, and bring any resources you wish to share. Also, be prepared to respect others’ varied experiences with the police and legal system, as well as differing desires about what it means to resist police violence.

Please do NOT come to talk about specific illegal actions. We recommend this zine as a starting point for staying safe while planning actions and doing general organizing, and there will be more material on avoiding repression as much as possible at the assembly.

And finally, an Asamblea Comunitaria will take place the following week to plan and act against Poli-Migra in Tucson.

For the total abolition of prisons, borders, and police,

Tucson Anarchist Black Cross



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