FTP BBQ: Alternatives & Resistance to Police & Prisons

Sunday, December 14th
1PM at Mansfield Park
SW corner, 6th Ave. just south of Grant Rd.

Protesting and demonstrating against the racist violence of the police is an important step in fighting back, but it is only one of many. We cannot hope for cops and politicians to reform themselves when asked. They have not done so in the past. They will not do so now.

Clearly we must push further, somehow.

Success in this struggle long-term means consistently acting together to make policing both impossible and unnecessary. It means building a culture of daily resistance to the cops and the systems of power they protect. It means finding new and better ways to take care of each other until the day we push cops out of our lives and communities forever.

In this spirit, you are invited to share in food and conversation next weekend. We hope this will be a chance for those of us who desire new forms of resistance to meet each other, break bread together, and discuss how to protect our communities and resist the police.

Please bring friends, family and food to share if you can (there will be grills).



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