Some Resources on Addressing Sexual Violence Without (and Against) the State

Tucson ABC will be participating in this year’s Hey Baby, Art Against Sexual Violence. We’re especially interested in soliciting art from prisoners, as well as from others, regarding 1.) The failure of police and prisons to address sexual violence, along with the idea that they don’t actually intend to, and that sexual violence is foundational to states, and 2.) Exploring alternative approaches to dealing with sexual violence without and against the state!

So, if you make art (broadly understood) or have a loved one inside who does, get in touch!

And on that subject, here is a very preliminary assortment of some zines which may be useful for folks interested in addressing (and ultimately ending) sexual violence autonomously and outside state structures. These come from a few different perspectives, some of which conflict with each other, and some of which we hold pretty strong objections to, though each is valuable in some way. Most of these are in print-friendly format, which unfortunately make them trickier to read on the computer, but Betrayal, The Revolution Starts At Home, and the INCITE! Community Accountability Document are all here in reading format and particularly strongly recommended.

Betrayal: A Critical Analysis of Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence Community Accountability Working Document

Accounting for Ourselves: Breaking the Impasse Around Abuse and Assault in Anarchist Scenes

Thoughts About Community Support Around Intimate Violence

The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities

Dangerous Spaces: Violent Resistance, Self-Defense, & Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender

Learning Good Consent

Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements

Ex-Masculus: Critical Reflections on Pro-Feminist Men’s Groups

Alternatives to the Police (Rose City Copwatch)


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