Inmate Data Search (Arizona DOC)

BOP Inmate Locator (Federal)

ICE Inmate Locator (Immigration)

Legal Aid Resources

Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook

Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual Immigration and Consular Access Supplement

Florence Project (legal aid for detained immigrants)

Mariposas Sin Fronteras (Support for LGBTQ  in immigration detention)

Re-entry Resources


Guidelines to Getting Out (2012) – This booklet is a useful guide to navigating the agencies, services, and necessities in Tucson, AZ upon leaving prison.

STEP Guide (2007) – This is the reentry guide for prisoners being released in Phoenix, AZ.

Publications Free to Prisoners

Read Between the Bars (free books to AZ Prisoners)

LGBT Books to Prisoners

4struggle Magazine

Incarcerated Worker (2nd site here)

Unstoppable (for women, gender-varient, and/or trans*)

Black and Pink

Publishing for Prisoners


Solitary Confinement

Survivors Manual (2012, 5th Ed.) – A manual written by and for people living in control units.

Solitary Watch -nonprofit dedicated to solitary in US prisons.

U.S. Political Prisoner and Prisoner of War Listing

Living with Border Patrol Checkpoints


The Police and the 99%, a talk by Kristian Williams

Anarquistas Contra el Muro, Grupo Israelí de Acción Directa Anarquista y Antiautoritaria

Private Prisons in a Wider Context, Part One

Private Prisons in a Wider Context, Part Two

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